Oops, I said Me##y C&#!$tm@$


That’s right, I admit it. I said the M and the C words. A lot. Like, to pretty much everyone who helped me last night while I went beep-mas shopping. I was on a rampage, and I didn’t care who heard me!

You can’t calm this storm! I won’t mind my M’s and C’s. You’re going to have to wash my mouth out with eggnog by the time this season is over.

Sure, I’m just a silly girl living in a politically “correct” world, but when does it end? “Have a good weekend” sounds pretty daunting doesn’t it? Week END? Yikes. Nope, don’t want to scare anyone with that…”have a good Saturday and Sunday”, yes that’s better isn’t it? Or what about “good morning!”? Oh no, that sounds too sad. I don’t want to make people sad. “Have a good before noon”? That won’t do because noon rhymes with moon and oh what a mess!!

I guess I can feel better knowing that there are people out there figuring these serious problems out for me. They’re taking time out of their busy schedules to solve what could be disastrous if not tended to immediately! People that want me to decorate a holiday tree, wear my ugly holiday sweater, and wish everyone a, what is it again? Right, Merry Holiday!!

Well I say fa la la la la to that! It’s MERRY CHRISTMAS! Not because I’m an ignorant little girl who is going out of her way to insult the person in front of me, but because I’m going out of my way to be nice! That’s what this season is about! I don’t care if you throw me a Happy Channukah or Kwanzaa, or yah even a Happy Holiday! You’re still sending me out positive vibes in your own way and that’s cool by me.

We’re so worried about being politically incorrect that we’re becoming publicly rude. So everyone, remove the Christmas stocking gag that has been shoved down your throat over the years and shout with all you’ve got, MERRY CHRISTMAS IT IS, HOLIDAY IT IS NOT!!


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